It’s yet another Saturday in my Hostel Block, and yet another day reserved for gaming. Saturday of all days pulls us to game, because it’s got a Sunday after that. So even after 12 hours of gaming (like 2 weeks before-4PM to  4AM), the guilt is saved from reaching your heart. So the fact is, we solely spend our Saturdays playing(or rather gaming), and not noticing heavy construction work right behind us, or a music competition right down the road(we are in college hostels), or for that matter, even dinner/snacks. We are some addicts, that if Einstein was still to be alive, he would have added another dimension to his theory called Gaming. When gaming starts (with us atleast), Space and Time, all are constant. It’s a complete standstill of all other dimensions in this infinitely huge world, when we start gaming. Some might find it extremely funny, some extremely disappointing that we spend our time like this, but for us atleast we enjoy now, and regret later. We promise ourselves everyday that we would stop playing this wretched thing of a game, but as we all know, time pacifies and consoles us to face reality-All of us are human, we do have our own desires 😉

So what bothers us the most is-Are we enjoying the true essence of life with all this momentary fun, or are we just sacrificing the better things in life for the worse?