It’s less than an hour to 2008, and everybody in India is virtually counting down in minutes to the new year.

Partying, Enjoying, Celeberating, everyone has their own style to welcome the year. But, our family is a slight different when it comes to the new year. We celebrate new years’ with a slight difference. We cut a plum cake at the stroke of the hour, and pray to god. After all, its a new beginning, and meant to be started with a bang. Unlike others, we do not believe in noisy starts, and materialistic fun and love. Its rather mastering our soul with the peaceful start, and have a new beginning, renewing our spirits with inner love, and fun.

We don’t count the number of minutes to the end of 2007, but the number of minutes to the start of  2008. We don’t stay awake till midnight, but we get up before midnight. We don’t get drunk and dance till the stroke, rather gather all of ourselves till midnight to spread out happiness like a torch in mid air. We don’t enjoy just for the sake of enjoying, but we enjoy for the sake of living. We don’t pray to God for the future, but thank him for the past.

If you call partying as enjoying, What do you call what we do………..?