Six weeks since I started my term in Manipal. Six weeks of absolute randomness, absolute un-focussed absolution, and an amazing amount of freedom. Six weeks, of seeing the true side of people, seeing the unseen, thinking the un-thought of, and relying on pure instinct. From two weekends down to kerala, and the next one in Mumbai,  from two weeks of working on studies, to the next one at Bangalore, from a resolution to materialization, my six weeks have been a series of scenes, and progressive reality.

And, just as things culminate at a point, just as your heart feels perfection, just as life is as focussed as a spear, it changes. And that is what surprises me about life. The perfect rhythmic unfocused synchrony of life is truly amazing. And that is precisely what Bangalore was. A bagful of hopes and expectations, and a great amount of disappointment.  A disappointment which induced a different spirit. A spirit to discover more of the untouched beauty of the land. The desire to uncover, the desire to live up to the different expectations of Bangalore, the desire  to make me feel Bangalore is good.

And that is how the journey began. Day 2 of Bangalore, sneaking out of workshop on ethics in electronics, we ventured into a new city! Day one was not very eventful, with a casual peek into the city and a conference to attend after the sun set. However, the following day was a perfect mixture of love and hate, of joy and sorrow, of energy and the lack of it.  After skipping our “great” conference, and eating a decent breakfast, we headed out into the city. The city so random, and so disorganized, just like my heart at that time. A quick call, and a quick auto-rickshaw ride away was UB City. A mall so magnificient, so immensely intimidating, so empowering, so amazingly enormous, not just by it’s stature or size, but by the cost of items inside. It was raw intimidation. It was probably the only place in Bangalore that could make anyone feel poor. And for that reason, we couldn’t hang in there for longer, we couldn’t breathe in peace. And for that very reason, did we leave. We did leave that place as soon as possible.

And we walked all the way to Garuda mall, all the way to notice it was a small mall. A mall not adhering to our will, giving in to the demands made to the city! Nevertheless, a decent meal followed. After chilling out for longer, we left into another place, another place, just to bowl, just to have some fun. And that turned out to amazing. Amoeba was the place, and the ambience was immensely purifying, and catering to our hearts And just like that time flew. We returned, had dinner, and we left to Manipal.

And all the way through, somewhere in between, I pondered over the cities. Can the big cities make/kill someone’s dream? Can the the brilliant power of a city eat up people alive? Can the the undying nature of raw energy spread onto everyone? Everyone who belongs to the city. I realised that the best things in life happen when you least expect them to. And things always happen for the best when one doesn’t keep his expectations too high. And just as my six weeks in Manipal have been enjoyed, and just as my weekends have been a road trip away, just as my life has been a vagabond’s on weekends, it has been great. The million instances of pure happiness when a person travels is amazingly high, and for that, shall man keep travelling, through the bushes and the desert, through the thorns and the swamps, through unending caves, all through his heart, in his soul.

And it is precisely this journey of man, that would enable him to endear the future, create happiness, and destroy sorrow. It is this unending journey of the soul that makes a man grow, grow to his fullest, and it is his will to make the best use of it.