There are several things in life which cannot be explained. Several of these facts are the world’s mystery. Several others are mysteries unsolved within. And many of these unsolved mysteries give you the reason to live. The quest for truth is the goal of human existence, whether the truth is within, or a truth that is powerful enough that could change the world. The truth is extremely simple, very clean and pure. And once it is realised, life is simple, everything falls into place.

I’m not saying that I have realised my goal. Nor do I think I’m worthy enough to have realised my goal. I may be overly philosophical while writing, or it’s just that I just love life. I just feel life is very easy once you realise your goal, and sometimes I do feel eternally, sublimely happy. Maybe thats when my inner self gets over my senses. Maybe thats the happiness we look for throughout our life. Maybe not. But as long as there is a probability of it being true, this blog is worth writing.

It’s been just about 2 days since I’ve returned from Hyderabad. I’m not writing this post about Hyderabad. However, Hyderabad is a good place. I enjoyed roaming around, and its vastness. I was there for 2 days, and it’s not enough if you want to see even one-twentieth of the place. The reason for my trip was my cousins thread ceremony. It’d been a long time since I’d seen him, so there was more reason for me to be there.

The thread ceremony was also secondary. There was a huge gathering. Friends, relatives, lots of people I knew. And they were also surprised, and happy to see me after a long time. I mixed well with everyone. Everyone. From the age of 5, to 75. I found many new friends in my relatives. It was a great experience. I found friends in a 5 year old kid. It’s not about the age, or the games you play, or the words you speak. It’s about how connected you are. I had fun with my grand dad also. We talked about my life in hostel, or hostility (lol). We talked about many things. Relevant, or not. I could see an aura of happiness. Everyone around me was filled with joy. Primarily because of a good function, but also because I entertained them. From what I spoke, to how I spoke, how I compained, how I walked. Everything made them laugh, or atleast smile. And even though it was directed at me, I felt extremely happy.

Looking back at those two fruitful days, I realised that I was nearly at the height of my happiness. I didn’t have my laptop too, which is quite surprising, considering I was even happy without it. On my way back, spending countless hours on my train journey, my mind pondered to think about those two days. I realised a small thing, which I might’ve felt before. I feel happy when I make others happy. My happiness lies in others’ joy. I realised that joy is infective, and can spread like wildfire. I realised that joy doesn’t lie in the way you smile, but in your eyes. A lot can be conveyed with your eyes, and a lot can be secretly stolen from yourself with just an eye conctact. The eye is the worlds most powerful organ. But that is not the point of this post.

I felt extremely happy, that everyone were rejoicing around me. A different kind of happiness. I was sublimely happy. I’ve not experienced it many times before. Maybe I have. The kind of happiness when I can look at a dog and make it come to me. The kind of happiness when I stare into a bull’s eye, and calm it down. The kind of happiness when I gaze into a friend’s eye, and realise that that person is not going through a good patch. With a second gaze, I make them realise that the world is a great place. With the third, they forget about what they were going through. With the fourth, they start life new emotionally. It doesn’t always happen. Although when it does, gives me eternal joy. Only other thing that can give me such joy is someone/something special.

That’s when I realised, that maybe my life’s goal is to make everyone happy. It is to entertain. To create an aura of joy. Mentally, or emotionally. Maybe not directly, or even indirectly from me. Sometimes, even without me in the picture. Maybe it is my life’s goal, maybe not. But that they say that the greatest truths are uncovered while trying to unsolve an unresolved puzzle.

And so I hope that this is not a truth I might leave behind, while looking for something bigger.