I walk down the lonely road,

I skim by the blue skies,

I run through the large ocean of water,

Only to realize that all I know is a fraction,

Of this vast world.


Introspection lights the fire within me,

I think, I think, I think, now I write.

“Is knowledge limited?

Is Love a reality?”

Questions such just to stir lot.


Knowledge, is a lot more than I know,

More than just brains,

More than the limit the human mind can ponder,

More than all the universal seas can stretch.

It is more than the omnipresent and even further.


Knowledge is omnipresent; not the creator.

Knowledge lies not just in the head,

But more in heart.

It not only makes us think,

But also feel.


Feel the pain, the happiness, the misery,

The betrayal, the joy, and the curiosity.

The manifestation of this seldom quantized planet,

Lie in the center of our heart.


The heart is the protector of all;

The protector of our soul,

The substance of our creation,

The skin of the reason,

Of our very living.


Love is not merely the

Successor of knowledge,

But also the its predecessor.

It is the want, the burning fire within,

To light up the extraordinary that seems not.


The world’s uncertainty,

All lies in whether Love exists,

Is it a reality or just one man’s

Rosy dream, which he sees in

Escape of the world’s confusion?


Love is too intense to be called real,

And too subtle to be called unreal.

Love is the only one thing in the

Human glow of a heart,

Which exists more than just

A manifestation in the head.


Differently called by different people,

Love is the ray of Human life,

And is not merely a feeling,

A thought or a word.

It is eternal, omnipresent,

And a hidden treasure to the worlds misery.

—- RuPuG of 2006