Today I’d decided to request for a new mobile phone from my dad. I went with hardly any hopes, because the last time I went, the discussion ended with him winning. I tried my luck again, hoping for a different answer this time. And a different answer is what I got.

My dad surprisingly agreed to get me a mobile I want. And even more astonishing was the fact that he was ready to take me instantly. It was a very surprisng day. So we decided to check out two mobile shops in the area, since we didn’t have the time and the patience for more. We walked to one of them.

The first one did not have the mobile of my choice. Many other similar mobiles, but not the one I had set my mind to. They tried to convince me to get other mobile phones, but I ended up convincing them to get the mobile into their outlet. So I’ll mostly get a call tomorrow from them and the price quoted also was convincing, so all is good.

The second one surprisingly had the mobile phone. The same one I wanted, but it was considerably overpriced. It was a lot less than its MRP, but not low enough for healthy competition in a mobile market. It was just a little less than my quoted price, but still I didn’t settle for it. Again, they tried to convince me to get the mobile, and again did I convince them to give a second thought to their price.

I walked home a happy person. Surprising to be happy without a new mobile. I realised it wasn’t about the mobile phone. It wasn’t materialistic. It was the fact that I didn’t settle for anything less than expected. Nothing less than what I felt was the best satisfied me, and that did bring me little joy, even in a river of sorrow caused due to an inavailability of good phone/price.

Sometimes you tend to lose something right in front of you, because you want better. Sometimes you get what you want because you settle for nothing less. It is quite contradictary. There is a world of difference in the paths you follow. Maybe someday you’d regret that you didn’t settle for what you didn’t think was the best. Maybe not. Maybe someday you’d be happy that you didn’t settle for the second best, because you achieved what you wanted in the end. So it all boils down to what choice you take.

And a choice sometimes is not easy to take. It’s even tougher to take if you think rationally. The key to choosing is to stop thinking. Leave your mind and heart free, and they will choose for themselves. Sometimes, you might mistake what you really want to choose as what your heart chooses. But in the long run, you’d learn to trust and identify when your mind makes a decision.

When you realise that, you realise the soul within yourself. You learn to sharpen your instinct. The line between instinct and the decision of your soul is very thin. They overlap once the soul has reached a level of complete intellectual joy. It is quite funny, that some things your soul does might make you sorrow. But the small truth behind it is that, the sorrow your soul causes is an investment to joy later on.

Maybe I made the wrong decision today. Maybe not. I think I trusted my heart. I can’t be sure of that, because I’m not intellectual enough to identify the difference. Maybe my dad might change his mind later on. Maybe I did not seize the moment to get a mobile phone. But ultimately I’d remain happy that I did not pay more than how much I wanted to.

And I think thats what matters.