I am from Mumbai, and I have my own sentiments towards my city. (I shall proudly call it my city, as all it’s residents do). The last few days have been very fateful for a few people, and more so to the unfortunate people who just came to visit this ever so vibrant place.

It is truly sad that we have gone through all this, and I’m having to write this now. As usual, this post is also vaguely related, and majorly unrelated. Though I wasn’t there at the place or the venue of attack and was hundreds of miles away, the attack came as a major blow to me. The untouched place had been touched. The once invulnerable Mumbai had succumbed for two whole days. Work paused, schools gave holidays, the city had virtually come to a standstill. 

There were days when I used to be proud of being a resident of Mumbai. There were days in my hostel, where we used to have quarrels of which is better:Delhi or Mumbai. And a basic point of our great speeches used to generally be the fact that Mumbai was a very safe city. And now it looks like it’s a different story. Terrorism is a blow to the nations security, and is not only that, it is an embarrassment to the government.

The definition of terrorism is rather lost in today’s world. Looking at the word, it gives one the impression that this rather ugly word defines terror. It means to create, spread and propagate terror. The terrorists who bravely entered Mumbai by a path not many would have thought about created one of the countries most historical events. Even the world would not forget it.

They bombed the Taj, the Fired at policemen, they made train stations unsafe, but most of all they created terror. Terror so much so that my mother would call me constantly and display her fear. So much so that Schools were made to declare holidays. So much so that people still fear having to meet publicly. Mumbai had lost what defined it in a split second.

But then came the marine officers, and the army personnel. With a charisma so powerful that people looked up to them. And then the story of how a constable managed to catch a terrorist by putting his life on the line. And how one of India’s most feared terrorist attack came to an end.

It took time for Mumbai to heal. It had to take time. And it’s not completely healthy now either. But small things like that can save millions of lives from succumbing to their fears. Terrorism cannot be killed by more violence. It cannot be killed by weapons. Terrorism fears it’s worst enemy: Goodwill. Counter-Terrorism is not advanced attacks, or just gate-crashing into another country. Counter-Terrorism is all about preaching what Terrorism does not preach.

If the heads of such Terrorist organizations can instil their point of view in the minds of young men and women, while they are not yet mature, then why can’t we, being civilians of this country preach to our fellow beings that fear is bad, and so is terrorism. It’s all the way how you look at it. People might fight for an unworthy cause, thinking that’s what they are made for. People might give their lives for it. They might just ruthlessly succumb to the worlds biggest joke. But there will be a point, whether during their life, or the after life that they will realise that what they have done isn’t just a mistake, it’s a blunder. They followed their leaders even without reading the scriptures. No faith preaches terrorism. Nowhere in the any ancient book has it so been mentioned.

But looking at all of these in a more philosophical way, The one above just wants to make sure that we don’t take life for granted. Every second, every moment is precious, because we never know what might happen to us. He makes us realise the importance of life, and give purpose to life. He gives something we just might have forgotten to notice. Some things like this to give a man his purpose.

I am still proud to be a resident of Mumbai, because people here are intelligent, and will rise back to life as it was before.

I am proud not to be a terrorist, because life is important.

And most of all, I’m happy/proud to be alive.