Somewhere under the rainbow, lies a forest called “Karma”, glistening and sparkling, reflecting under the indirect sunshine permeating through the rain drops that just washed away the entire canopy.  Deep under the canopy which rarely allows light to seep through, today is a special day. The wheels of Karma are set into motion with the moist, yet fresh winds of the monsoon. A little drop trickles down a leaf which gives way under the pressure of the weight of that mystical drop of nothing but water. This drop of water slithers down the tip of the leaf and gently apples itself on the top of a beehive. The force with which the drop of water falls, disintegrates it into a multitude of smaller dew-like particles. All these smaller drops make their way into the hive, into the deepest pockets of honey and push it out of its groove. Slowly, the honey filled drops collect and coalesce at the bottom of the hive. Steadily, as the drop grows bigger, it is unable to glue itself to the hive; it eventually just drips down and undergoes it’s self assumed last journey of a free fall to integrate itself with nature.


Way down below the canopy rooftop exists a cocoon , firmly gripped to the stem of sustenance. ‘Today is a special day’ though the insect inside the cocoon. He wakes up after a near complete transformation of his not-so-unique self. He wakes up darkness and mystery – he knows what he needs to do. He needs to scurry out of his self made home soon, or he’d shrivel up and die out of hunger. He gently bites his way, slowly swallowing the soft shell of the cocoon which is the perfect answer to the eternal hunger of an eternal slumber. As he gently clamps his teeth deeper and deeper into his organic shell, the first rays of the outside world seep in. Energised by the beam of photons, he proceeds to gnarl his way out at a faster pace. And just when he created the hole that would be sufficient to squeeze himself out, smeared with hope of a new world, filled with an anxiety to test a new body, the drop from above falls on him, blocking his only opening. At that moment, he lost all his hope. Maya was tired, was hungry and was drowsy.

Momentarily, he gave up, crawling back into his oft comforting shell, ready to shrivel up and die. And just at the moment, the drop blocking his way penetrated through the little membrane Maya called home. Desperate on an empty stomach, Maya licks, with great suspicion, the liquid that has invaded his home, just hoping and praying that it would be something nutritious. What he would later realize is that it was the most energy rich supplement he could have hoped for. Invigourated by his new found energy, he woke up to a new reality. Pushing his way through the hole at the top, he steadily makes progress. He worked out a strategy where in he would push the drop with all his might, and when tired, feast a little bit on the burden. While energy rich, it was too sweet for Maya to handle. Maya had to mix it with his partly tearing membrane of a house.  This made it digestible and made it a power meal. Head-butting and eating proved to be an efficient algorithm and soon, he was making progress rapidly.

Little did Maya know that simultaneously, there was a transformation happening inside his head, a physical change. His metamorphosis apparently decided to continue, fuelled by his honey-green meal. Beyond the control of his will, is skeletal structure continued to evolve, with mutations occurring in his genes, owing to an unexpected unstable internal toxic environment in the presence of his diet. His skull continued growing, in response to the pressure of the honey drop. In his head’s new found space, his neurons started growing larger, and new ones are formed where there existed none. Maya’s brain tried to hold on this memories as a pupa as it was re-organizing itself. Soon, his memories of a past life were erased – the only compensation was he had a larger brain. He continued to focus on his action of survival, as the only feeling surging through Maya’s body was the desire to live. In his concentration, he was blissfully unaware of the changes happening within him. His memories of a life as a pupa were fading away – Maya did not care as a part of his life was slipping away – Maya did not care as his memories were fading away – Maya did not care as his body was attaining unproportional measurements – Maya’s life as a pupa and cocoon was not anything memorable – he just wanted to forget the days of living precariously on the edge.

Beyond the translucent brown drop that covered his only exit, Maya could identify the sun glistening through the drop. This was Maya’s signal. He didn’t have a long way to go. With another surge of energy, Maya pushes himself out harder, faster and stronger. With each push, he sees an even brighter sun. With each push, he fees a bit more of the breeze outside. With each push, he moves away from his past home. With each push, he feels he is becoming one with nature.