There lived a sage on the top of mountains,
The only life he lived was bound by purpose,
He looked for the the meaning of life, to be certain,
For he had learnt that purpose comes when desires diffuse.

He was taught, not to fight, not to love, and not to enjoy,
For those were desires that keep one asway.
He lived on a morsal of food,
For as long was good.

He lived correctly, he thought.
With his hunger and lust, he fought;
A life of deprivation, he concluded,
Was the path to heavens, he reminded.

Days went by, years went by and so did a decade,
How can I not be enlightened – he pondered,
Frustrated with missing out on life and happiness,
the sage set a foot down the crevice.

With an empty bowl and a hard heart,
the sage decided to end his rant,
By bowing down and begging the lady for food,
The sage said – “I am hungry and lost my heart for good”

Out of nowhere came a boy, a boy with shrooms,
“Try this” – he called out to the sage – “They will take care of you soon”,
The sage tried the shroom, to fix himself,
Only to be transported to another dimension, far from oneself.

The sage looked up and there was the boy, he saw,
Dressed in the clothes of a gypsy, the nomad had his sway.
The Nomad was dancing, like no tomorrow,
For he had no fear of the dawn of the morrow.

The sage called out this animalistic creature
“Don’t you have something better to do” the Sage Ruptured
“No, definitely not” The nomad pounded as he danced over the planets
“To enjoy, to live, to be happy” these are just my life’s tenants

“But I have deprived myself, living a life of an ascetic”
“This is the path to the heavents, not a life of aesthetics”,
“And do you enjoy?” The nomad asked,
He definitely did not enjoy – the sage was dumbfounded

The nomad furthered his questions –
“Which came first – the Gods or the heavens?
Does it matter who owns the universe?
Or is it just sufficient to live and immerse?”

“Forget about the heavens” – The sage interrupted
“Lets talk about Love and Lust” – He furthered
“Surely enough, desires are to be controlled”
“For mind over the heart, I have learned”

The Nomad thought for a second –
“Your brain is a device of your own creation;”
“It learns, it adapts, it improves with your own perception”
“Feel the pain, the happiness, the misery”
” The betrayal, the joy and the curiosity”
“The manifestation of this seldom quantized universe”
“lies in the center of your heart …”

“Love is not merely
the successor of knowledge,
But also it-s predecessor.
It is the want, the burning fire within,
to light up the extraordinary that seems not”

“Stop feeling, stop perceiving, stop loving”
“These are but just a fool’s pondering”
“How will you absorb the highest realms?
If you forget to feel the deepest pain.”

“What is life then?” the Sage forcefully questioned.
” It is the journey that is set in motion;
By your hunger, your pain, you joy and your vision.
To not move, to not interact,
you are just sacrificing your life, full intact”

“You are but a wave moving through water,
cells dying and born together
What is constant is only your life’s dance.”
“Your waves interact with each other,
Growing larger than life,
or destroying oneself from within.”

“But sometimes, just sometimes, a wave goes on a dance
So unique, so filtered, it creates a resonance,
Far more beautiful, greater, larger
Than the sum of individuals.”

“Be a part of that resonance,
For then, you are that resonance”

“Let your ego not come from the fact that :-“
“We are planners of cities,
We are masters of the world,
We are consumers of propaganda,
We are engineers of life,
We are designers of intelligence,
We are creatures destined to be kings”
“Let your ego come not from that”

“We have fought for our strength,
For our intelligence,
For our life.”
“We have fought evolutions for our right to be here.
Now that we have the right,
we have inherited the responsibility.”
“We are nothing but custodians of our mother nature”

“To go one step beyond,
To discover new things,
To explore and understand,
To find our place in the universe,
We are vagabonds of this large space,
We are nomads who have inherited the right;”
“Use it wisely!
Your ego should come from that”

“With these words, the sage’s eyes opened”
“He can see clearer that his previous burden”
“With a higher heart , he realised –
There was no boy; There was no lady;
There was no Nomad.
It was a manifestation of himself,
but just in a different time”

— The Nomadic Coder 14-02-2019