Today was my last day in Manipal, before I come back as a sophomore. Not much happened today, except for getting up late, and later intense packing within 15 minutes. Had a quick breakfast, and jumped onto my taxi. So the most I could do of Manipal on the last day was to admire the scenery of its nearby places. Better than nothing, I thought, and did so. The previous day was far more of fun one hand, and the other, sorrow, as we were to leave the best hostel of all Manipal. Everything comes hand in hand-Grief and Joy, happiness and Sorrow. We were so happy that we were done with our freshman year, and there wasn’t going to be anymore of ragging. But at the same time, We were moving closer towards the end of the 4 years. And that meant a lot, as college life is ones’ best phase.

Right now, I’m sitting at Mangalore Airport, looking back at all of last year. It started of pretty slow. Once we got to know people, we had a lot of interaction. From playing cards to Jumping around in the hostel. Table tennis was also fun. Shouting at midnight for Laptops, and later on daring enough to do that in NLH itself. Then Finally the laptops came, and so did the decline of our grades. About a month later, came our bicycles. They were pretty good, and loads of fun. I used to ride around for like a n hour a day with Jong. It was awesome fun. Then Came the end of the semester. Towards the end, things always tend to unknowingly speed up.

Then Came the start of the next semester. I ended up two days early, which ironically appeared as if I just came to mock Bibek. Bibek was a lot fatter then, and we decided to go jogging. The jogging experiences were the best. It was rejuvenation for me. It tired me; it made me enjoy mess food, and made me thin. Three things I longed for then. Abruptly stopping again, we went back to our usual routine. All of a sudden, me and a few others gelled and formed a good friends group. We hung out a lot, and had hell loads of fun. Sessionals were to come, and people were back to their usual routine. But sometime around that time, I came to know another person, and that was another life changing incident. That was a happy time for everyone, and it was fun looking at one of my other close friends screwing things all this time.

Some things that happened this semester were completely etched in my head, and will always be. Some others, I know will die, hence writing them down. In all of this, 5th block was a very integral part of out life. It was our hub of fun. It is something we will always relish, and always die to return to. The view, the lack of fast internet-Everything was something i’ll remember.

Now I’ve been called for Security Check-So time to leave.

Hopefully, All will be the same next semsester