When the sea was violent, she was sitting there,
undisturbed by all thunder, undisposed by her mind.
Her eyes glisten with the wonders of the planet,
and her hair flows with the colour the world’s reflection.
With all the melancholy in the world, she smiles,
sitting by the sea, she is the Mermaid of thought.

And I sit there looking at her,
magnified by her impossible beauty,
with the universe reflected withing her eye,
with the universe being nothing but one at that pristine moment.

I talk to her, in my mind’s delusion of the universe,
with words coming out but creating no sound,
with eyes screaming disbelief at the music of silence,
She looked at me, with expectant eyes,
and returns back to her undisposed state.

The violent sea did not stop her from swimming back,
She merged into the violent sea that lacked character,
into the beautiful sea that showed life,
into an an ocean of distress and happiness,
into an ocean of an unpredictable randomness.

She returned back to her home.
And there I was, just awestruck and …..