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Experienced Developer with Machine Learning Skills, Problem Solver, Blockchain enthusiast and Coding since the age of 8

Mathematically and rationally grounded, I'm driven by looking for beauty, simplification and unification in code. Curiosity brought me from programming to machine learning, from image processing to computer vision, and now to blockchains with AI. I love learning, and I don't heat up, unlike an Artificial Neural Network.






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  • April 2017

    Altran, Barcelona, Spain

    Client: HP Inc, Barcelona

    Image Processing consultant

    My work at the client largely consists of making internal tools and simplifying common processes in the realm of image processing and optimizations, for Large Format Printers, largely with Python, little with C++ and even less with Perl. With Altran, I conduct courses in Machine Learning and Blockchains

  • May 2013
    Feb 2018

    Computer Vision Center, The Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

    Teaching and research Assistant

    The association with the Computer Vision Center was started off as a PhD program. In the first two years, I worked on Probabilistic Graphical Models, and Conditional Random Fields. I then Moved on to Deep Learning, by training general models and dissecting them to be re-trained on the fly with Random forests. I generally worked with superpixels wherever I could. I've made a couple of frameworks that you can check on my github page - on superpixel based random forests for local experts(Sherwood2, a pipeline based ADAS framework. During this, programming was done in C++ with QT, Boost, Opencv and in Python with tensorflow, Caffe, scikit-learn, scikit-image and wrappers in Boost::python. I dropped out of the PhD for personal reasons

  • Nov 2012
    April 2013

    GADE Autonomous Systems Private Limited

    Software Developer

    The work here involved creating proof-of-concepts for multiple different projects. The employees included me, a CEO and an intern. In the short time there, I designed a Virtual Dressing room using Kinect, used an SDK to get SLAM on a robot done so it could navigate, and made an andorid app to control a robot using computer vision. Also designed publicizing material and redesigned their website


  • Jan 2011
    April 2011

    Machine Vision Group, FH Weskueste, Heide, Germany

    Image Processing intern, IAESTE intern

    The university FH Westkueste is in Heide, Germany and this internship was done as the Final dissertation for the bachelor's degree. It involved programming in C++ with QT to interface with spectrometers to determine the best one of their given requirements. Also, I was asked to make the analysis between different spectrometers, which involved image processing

  • Jun 2010
    July 2010

    GTL Infrastructure Limited, Mumbai, India

    BTS localization intern

    During this internship, I learnt the techniques to choose a the location for a Base Transceiver Station(BTS) for 2G networks. This was implemented in the final project where I had to choose the site (and also convince the locals for a renumeration) for a BTS that provided uninterrupted mobile network access to nearby population densities.

  • June 2009
    July 2009


  • Jan 2011
    April 2011

    The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

    MS in Computer Vision

    Learnt a lot about Image Processing and Machine learning. Final project was to make a ping-pong ball collection robot with CMUCAM3, Arduino and build the chassis

  • 2007

    Manipal Institute of Technology

    Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication

    Finished with a GPA of 8.2. Made lots of websites, made some robots. Conducting courses in robotics and web designing. Was in IAESTE at a national level and IEEE at board level, both in a voluntary fashion

  • 2005

    RN Podar School, Mumbai, India

    High School Degree - 12th Standard

    Scored 93% at public CBSE board exams. Won the most enterprising award and the wiz-kid award. Got into poetry and technology


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